ESMAŞ was born in 1976 in Hasköy, Istanbul. Sukru Kirbaci, Malik Demirci and Mehmet Ali Ibis are the founders of the company. In 1986, it continued its activity by growing marble processing machines in Istanbul Imes Industrial Site. Now, Esmaş operates in its own place in Beylikduzu Mermerciler Industrial Site.

Esmaş manufactures marble processing machines for leading companies in Turkey and the marble industry in the world. Up to now, it has produced a high amount of machinery in the marble sector and sold 95% of the machines it produces to firms that export marble.

For 41 years, this area has successfully served with a rising graphic. It is happiest to be able to reach customers in the Middle East, especially in the countries of the world, through direct sales or through distributors. Esmaş has always embraced innovation as a company policy and production with developing technology. At the same time, he always works with an expert technical team to make compromises in quality.

Esmaş is proud of being a brand in its sector today and making a great contribution to the country's economy. This pride is also shared with customers.
Since the day we founded, to develop machines that grow, grow and technological innovations is to spend the new ideas of the industry with our experience and knowledge.
As Esmaş, presenting the latest technology in the world to the marble market with competitive price and complete support service,

to raise customer satisfaction to the highest level by providing high standard, quality service.